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Lordship Linens

Boxy Harem Pant BLACK

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The fist thing we say to customers who try these on is not to just stand and look in the mirror. I mean, you should look, but move while you admire! This pant is about the movement & graphic shape & the interesting stitch lines, the layers you wear with. Wear these high on the waist or low on the hips with the flat elastic waist, front fly button detail (non-opening), generous side pockets, back pockets and double stitched curved seams.

Comfortable, stylish and interesting.

This pant can be layered over leggings, worn under dresses, with a cropped blazer to create proportion or under a warm coat. 

Sizing is generous. XS(8-10)  S(10 to 12)  M(14)  L(16)  XL(18-20)

Shell buttons

100% Linen, pre-washed fabric